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"Midnight Run" 24 x 18

Acrylic on Canvas 

I like to stretch and move around in my art practice.  Exploring what's available to me and pushing my artwork in different directions.  Always asking:  "Am I satisfied with my work?"  By constantly educating myself on using different mediums and techniqu...

A New Year brings in renewal and refresh of years past.  2018 was a year full of discovery for me; never imagining that my art practice would be a catalyst for all that has happened.  With that in mind, I wanted to challenge myself and honour the gifts given to me.  My view:  waste not what is yours...

A discussion about the lack of educational opportunity for girls around the world. Why aren't girls allowed to be educated?

"In Love" Mixed Media 8 x 10 

This is a new piece in my figurative series. I am whole heartedly speaking about Love and how important this emotion is to our well being and happiness.  Being loved, sharing love and giving love is vital to our mental health and emotional growth.  When it is withheld, t...

I am very excited to be posting this series today.  Over the past few months I have been honing in

on my "style". As a natural illustrator, I tend to stay in my comfort zone of cartoon and cute ink and paper characters. Breaking from that trend, I also like abstract.  

This time however, I...

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