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Artist Bio:


Savina Purewal is a figurative artist and abstract painter. Her body of work is a reflection of her experiences with wildlife and on environmental and social justice issues. As a former family counselor and foster parent, Savina has spent her career assisting marginalized individual with addictions and homelessness. She developed an expressive art program that was created to help youth in care who wanted another way to tell people about their personal struggles.


Today, Savina is a teacher for a skills development program for individuals with intellectual barriers and continues to incorporate her art practice at work by helping people communicate their needs through creativity. Savina’s paintings are acrylic and archival inks on canvas and her signature work consists of abstract figurative scenes, in bold blues and greens, with impasto and line details. She has been featured at Kimoto Gallery, Port Moody Art Centre and Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry.  Savina’s work can be seen on line at Port Moody Art Centre and ROAM Gallery in Ontario, Canada.

Artist Statement:


My artwork is inspired by years of alpine backpacking in British Columbia and from witnessing environmental and social issues through my career in counselling and volunteerism. I am deeply concerned about the condition we are leaving our planet in and the social persecution people are fleeing from because of religion, culture and gender. I don’t set out to make a political statement in my artwork, I only want to document my thoughts and hope they will move people into action or stimulate meaningful conversation.


Each study I develop consists of a series of themes, ranging from a variety of subjects. I sketch my studies on my iPad and then fine tune them on paper. Once my images are realized, I paint them on canvas with acrylics and mix them with various mediums to give my paintings the texture and elements they need to resemble the wild feel of nature and the world I see around me.

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