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Art of Selling ART

"Crash" Acrylic on Canvas 48 X 48 X 2

Selling your art work can be daunting. What do you price it at, will people by it, etc. etc.

Not everyone should sell their work. This post is for those that are already established or emerging and need a little push in the right direct to get their first sale.

Once you start producing work that you feel confident in selling; remember, it has to be of high quality and made with artist grade mediums. Pricing becomes obsolete because you no longer worry that you have cut corners.

So here's the secret: You are not selling your work. You are selling YOURSELF. Your story, your history, your image. These are the things collectors get attached to and then want to buy. Never paint to the masses in hopes of making it big. Paint your style, be authentic and your artwork will resonate with the right collector.

Ask yourself: What is my story? Why do I paint? Is my artwork an extension of myself?

Get out there and grab that first sale. It's the best feeling and most memorable event you will ever have in your life.


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